How to screen for people in California who use food apps

can I screen:
“participants from California that shop in-store every week and use apps like Subway and McDonalds”?

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Dear Null

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You can screen for participants from California using

  • U.S state/territory of birth
  • Current U.S state of residence
    But the only App screensaver is I think for Dating apps (searching for apps in teh screeners)

Dating apps

Participants were asked the following question: Have you used any smartphone enabled dating apps?

That means that you would probably have to prescreen yourself. That will cost about 15p per person prescreened but you many need to screen quite a few people to find one that is using ones of these apps.

We have just been discussing the technique of using the prescreening question in the Ti tle of the survey

“Only for people who use MacDonalds or Subway apps”

Which may significantly reduce the number of null payments but

  1. YOu have to pay even those who take the p rescreener who do not have the Apps
  2. You may get participants misclaiming the use of such apps so as to get invited back, with pretty disasterous consequences for your survey proper, unless…

Can you check to see if folks a re indeed using these apps by asking them for a screenshot or some other unique identifier that is not at the same time “personal information” that would allow you to identify them? This would enable you to make sure that you only re-invite those that are using the apps.

Either way you would need to perform a prescreening survey yourself.

You may also be able to persuade Prolific to check for the use of these and other famous apps by the introduction of a new prescreener but that would not be quick and would depend on votes. from other researchers.


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Thanks Tim for the reply

Where can I find that discussion?


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hey @null (& @timtak ), here’s the link to the thread