How to find participants that don't know a specific language?

I am conducting a study on language learning and would like to exclude participants who already know the language we’ll be using in the training. I see how to select languages participants already know, but is there a way to find participants that DON’T know a specific language? Thank you!

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I am afraid there is no way to use the current specific screeners to test whether participants don’t know a specific language.
There is a screener that asks " Which of the following languages are you fluent in?"
It is conceivable (but not at all advisable) to use this to find participants who are fluent in the other languages but screeners are added with an AND logic. For an OR logic you would l have to create as many studies as their are other languages, and still then participants might “know” but not be “fluent in” the language you are seeking to avoid. They might also have replied “rather not say.”

So to find the participants that you want you will need to first screen for the languages in question asking which languages do you know (well enough to XYZ?) and then ask participants to return who meet your conditions.

It is probably a good idea NOT to tell the participants what you are looking for lest they underestimate t heir ability in order to be called back.

There is a FAQ on how to recruit a custom sample here

I am sorry there is no way to do what you are looking for, afaik, in one study with the GUI.


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