How to add Prolific's URL

Hi guys! I would like to ask how to add Prolific’s URL at the end of survey of Qualtrics? Really need your help! Many thanks!

Hi Yihan
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The way to add the prolific URL to then end of a Qualtric’s survey is explained as number 3 here (though I have not used it myself)

I hope that helps.


I think Prolific needs to update its advice to the latest version of Qualtrics. The menu shown in the Prolific help page (dated 2018) looks like nothing on the current Options menu.


Apparently, URL redirection is now done by adding an End of Survey element, clicking Customize, and choosing the redirect option.

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll raise it with our support team to update it :slight_smile:

We’ve updated the article. Thanks again for flagging! :slight_smile: