How should we use this space? Answer, and get entered into our raffle!

A New Mission

Our community has a new mission! We want this forum to be a place where we all help each other to produce world-changing insights, at every stage of the research process.

Prolific’s job? To enable you all to do this. So, we’ve restructured the forum with that in mind.

You’ll find a Prolific-specific area called the ‘Prolific Hub’, where all the normal forum activity like asking questions, and getting help, will still be going on. However, you’ll also find new spaces called ‘The Co-Lab’ and ‘Group Chats’.

In ‘The Co-Lab’, you’ll find spaces that correspond to the different activities you undertake as a researcher, like a space to discuss designing your study.

In ‘Group Chats’ , you’ll find private spaces where you can connect with researchers from your region, institution and field.

But, we want you to own this and shape how each space evolves! So, we’re asking two questions:

  • What would you love to see happening in this space?
  • What would you do to encourage others to use this space, if you were in charge?

Everyone who replies to our questions will be put in a raffle to win £250 in Prolific credit!

  • What would you love to see happening in this space?
    • Links to good blogs and papers on how to write well.
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