How long does it take to complete a survey?

Hi, I wonder how long would it take for participants to complete my survey. i.e.: I need 70 participants, will I be able to have them all in a week?

Dear @E_gun

What is your eligible population of participants? In other words, when you apply the desired pre-screeners, how many active participants does Prolific show? If the number is fairly high, you might have the 70 observations you need in less than one h. If it is extremely low (e.g., close to 100), then one week might not be enough to get them all. So it much depends on how you set your pre-screeners. If you don’t have significant restrictions on your sample, I’d safely assume that one week will be more than enough to recruit the 70 participants you need.

For example, in my last study, I managed to have 1000+ observations in 48h.

I hope it helps!

Hello Veronica,

the number of desired pre-screeners is 26,926. According to the information you provided, I assume 70 will be easily reached within a couple of days. Thank you for your time!

Given the large number of eligibles, I guess your recruitment will be over in a few hours. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Glad my reply was helpful!

I’m interested in your can i participate in it?

Dear Fani

Are you perhaps a participant wishing to take part in studies carried out on Prolific?

I am afraid this is the forum for researchers. There is a place where you can ask questions here

In addition to Prolific Support here