How identifiable are participants?

I’m trying to pacify my overly anxious IRB.
I will be posting a screening study to determine appropriate participants. I will then invite approved participants for a future study.
Will I have access to any identifiable participant data, at any stage?
Could someone tell me, in official Prolific terms, what, if any participant data I will personally have access to?
Again, this is to satisfy a bureaucracy but it is important for my documentation.


Dear Kelly

You will have access to
Session id
Participant id
Submission status
Started date-time (in GMT)
Completed date-time (in GMT)
Time taken
First language
Current country of residence
Country of birth
Student status
Employment status
Number of approvals
Number of rejections
Approval rate (‘Prolific score’)
Reviewed at date-time (in GMT)
Completion code (‘entered code’)


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In addition to @timtak’s page, might be helpful to reference this page: Can I ask participants for their personal information / identifiers? – Prolific

Shows what you are explicitly barred from collecting via Prolific, which was useful for my IRBs where I was doing surveys only (was a little different when we were doing interviews).


Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time!

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