How can I run multiple concurrent studies with unique participants?

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I am running a between subject study design where I have 48 different conditions. It is very tedious task to run a single condition containing 20 unique participants, then wait for their submission, approve their submissions and then run a subsequent condition by screening out the participants from previous conditions. Is there any way to run multiple , concurrent studies with unique participants in them. If I run all the studies at once, will Prolific ensure unique participants in all conditions?




Hey @Tahir_Abbas, welcome to the community! :tada:

Unfortunately, itโ€™s not possible to run experiments in this way on Prolific. But we do appreciate how tedious the process is, and this is a feature that has been requested many times. Our team is looking at how it could be implemented in the future.

Iโ€™ll keep you updated if anything changes :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @Josh , I believe this is a much demanding feature as many studies are between subject in nature. I do appreciate that Prolific has support for longitudinal experiments.

Eagerly waiting for this new feature!

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