How can I remove study and session ID from the URL?

Hi, I would like to remove the study and session ID from the URL but when I delete them in the “configure parameters” section it tells me that I need to enter a valid query string key format.
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hi CNico
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I am sorry I don’t really understand. Do you want to do one of the following?

  1. remove the study and session ID for increased privacy, or
  2. do you want to remove them in the sense of pass them to some survey software?

A) with regard to 1. I don’t know how, or if you can remove them.
B) with regard to 2. The method for passing them to you survey software will depend on the survey software. What are you using?


Hi @timtak,

Thank you for your quick reply!

So basically, I would just like to have a URL with the PROLIFIC PID when participants are directed to my experiment. In the Prolific Doc it says: “In addition, ‘STUDY_ID’ will be replaced with an ID unique to your study, and ‘SESSION_ID’ will be replaced with ID unique to the participant’s submission. These parameters can be removed from your URL if you only wish to record participant Prolific IDs.” (What survey / experimental software is compatible with Prolific? – Prolific) But I do not know how to remove them, unfortunately.

Many thanks again!


Thank you. Got it.

In the data collection section of the study creation form, there will be this

I think you can delete the SESSION and STUDY related bits, i.e. everything after and including “&STUDY_ID”.

Please let us know if that works.



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