How can a PhD student pay with the funds in my account?

I have some funds in my Prolific account and would like my student to use them towards a study payment. Is there a way to arrange this?
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I think that you could only allow your postgrads access to your prolific balance by telling your postgrads your Prolific login details. There are afaik as yet no group accounts.


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Hi Gosia,
Good question! I know there are no group accounts, but I wonder if there might be a way to transfer funds between accounts, if a student were to set up their own account? @Josh ?

Yes, the way is to submit a request to the Prolific Team with all the details of the transfer (from here!) However, the solution proposed by @timtak may be the best for this case, because the invoice would be in name of the Professor and not of the Student. I feel to share this suggestion since this is a problem I’ve experienced with my own research group.


@Gosia_Goclowska Group accounts aren’t available…yet (we’re working on it now :slight_smile: )