Help us Build a Public Prolific API

Help us Build a Public Prolific API

You spoke, and we listened! We’re currently looking at developing an API. We’ve already posted instructions on how to use our public API to bulk approve submissions & to do bulk bonus payments.

But, before we begin further development, we want to hear about what you need. We’d love to get your thoughts on the questions below:

  1. Do you want an API to conduct your experiments?

  2. Why do you want an API? / What would you use it for? Please give specific examples if you can

  3. Would having an API increase your use of Prolific?

  4. Would an API save you time? How much time would it save?

  5. What research tools would you use it with? e.g. Gorilla, PsychoPy, Qualtrics, etc

  6. Do you have the time to be a beta tester of the API?

If you’ve got any ideas not covered by the questions above, add them into your comments!

(@Samuel_Dupret if you have any thoughts on the above, leave them here :slight_smile: )

I don’t need an API, but it would make payments faster, easier, and with fewer moving parts (all done in the R scripts, no writing and copy pasting of ids).

I think it would save 10mins every time I have to pay a batch.

I use for most experiments, and then I would use R for my data and for the API.

One thing that would be really helpful would be to send messages via the API.

Happy to beta test it.

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Good point. I’ve changed the phrasing of the questions to frame it around ‘wants’. And thanks for the feedback, it’s super helpful! If you know anyone who might be interested in this, send them our way!