#HaveYourSay - Improving Finance Tools

Who We Are

Hi Researchers! :wave:

We’re the Scalability Squad (our word for ‘team’).

The Scalability Squad exists to improve areas of Prolific’s systems or tools which may limit our ability to support more researchers, or new demographics of participants.

An example of this would be our payments systems. By supporting more cash-out options for participants, in more currencies, we’ll be able to serve new regions of the world. So, in the future you’ll be able to launch studies aimed at a wider range of nationalities.

Our Objective for Q2

Over the next few months, we’re making some considerable changes to the way researchers top up funds, and participants are paid.

These changes should improve your experience (and make the lives of your finance departments easier!).

We Want Your Feedback On…

:money_with_wings: Improving Finance Tools

We’ll be rolling out features related to how you get invoices, pay for studies and manage your accounts finances.

If you have thoughts around this, please let us know! :raised_hands: