Grouping studies and showing 1 study from group

Is there a way to assign multiple studies to the same “group” and then show participants at most one study from the group?

For example, suppose we are studying responses to several trolley problems in specific demographic subgroups. We create separate studies for employed people who are vaccinated, unemployed-vaccinated, employed-non-vaccinated, and unemployed-non-vaccinated to ensure we can recruit a certain number from each group.

I want a way to assign all these studies to a “group” called “Trolley Problems” and ensure nobody ever sees more than a single study even if they change their answers to screener questions (e.g., get vaccinated and update their status on Prolific) and even as new studies are added to the group in the future potentially targeting overlapping sets of participants.

My understanding is that “Exclude participants from previous studies” only works with completed studies, not ongoing studies. So, that’s not an option for achieving this unless everything is run sequentially, right?

Some other platforms have this ability to group studies and it can be useful for establishing specific quotas on mutable traits (my above example), block randomization, providing different time estimates and pay for different conditions, etc.

Dear Chris

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The ability to have multiple simultaneous conditions is the most requested but non existent feature.

However you can direct your participants first to

and it can be nested if you need more than three conditions, to achieve that which you desire, I believe.

I hope allocate monster works for you.