Group Study: Setting a min. & max. study limit

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My research clinic is looking at using Prolific to conduct our studies. I can’t find anything much on group studies, but we’re looking at getting a minimum number of 4 and maximum number of 8 participants for each study conducted, so we wouldn’t want 8+. We’re conducting a jury study and only allow 30 minutes to discuss the case, so more people wouldn’t be preferred. Is there a way of doing this? Or do we have to wait until after we publish the study and gain participants to allow a certain amount in each study? Kind of like assigning them to one study and assigning others to a different one.

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Hey @Hannah_Arnold, welcome to the community :tada:

I’m glad you’re thinking of using us!

Would participants be interacting with each other? If so, it would be best to use the process outlined here.

If you don’t schedule a follow-up study (as outlined in the guide), participants could be waiting around for others to join, leading to you paying more for their time.