Good Transcription Service Recommendation?

Hey Prolificos, @Edgar_Vaughn is in need of a recommendation of a good english-language transcription service. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I can report my experience on this. Iโ€™ve been working on some Interview recordings and needed to transcribe them automatically - I guess @Edgar_Vaughn is in a similar situation. After some trials, in my team we decided to go for the Google Doc transcription tool (Select Tools > Voice typing). I think it did quite a good job - of course there was some work of cleaning and refinement required at the end but was no big deal. And the tool is free, you just need a Google account (and Drive).

Also, there is the Microsoft Word Transcriber option (details) that, as far as I remember, performs quite well. But you need the Office package for it.

1 Like is pretty slick. Iโ€™ve used this for a qualitative interview study with conversations that would last about 40 minutes or longer. It has great integration with Zoom if youโ€™re doing your recordings virtually. Regardless, the software is really good at picking up on different speakers and the language used. It auto-transcribes either in real-time if you record directly into the interface or you can upload an audio file for it to transcribe. There will be some mistakes, of course, but theyโ€™re usually super easy to fix.

You can also make notes to yourself as you begin pulling out themes of responses. Also, depending on how much space you need, you might be able to do your project for free (at least the transcription part!).

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Hey @Jeremy_Becker, welcome to the community! And thanks for helping out :heart:

Thank you so much. I will look at the Google Doc transcription tool

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Thanks you for you suggestion

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