Getting Prolific admin support

Hello, I am looking to see if there is a way besides the support tickets in the Help Centre to contact Prolific for support, and I’ve submitted three different tickets during my time as a researcher and haven’t gotten any responses. For my most recent ticket, I do need a response because I was directed by the Prolific to contact an administrator for a submission rejection limit issue I am having and without a response, I will end up paying respondents that should not be paid.

Dear Richard

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Yes, you can contact Prolific by messaging one of the Prolific employees active on the forums, particularly @Josh, by clicking his grey rounded rectangle and on the “Message” button.

I guess that with 300,000 participants and only about 100 (?) employees, they may have quite a backlog of support requests especially at this festive time of year.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help. If you share the attention check that the participants failed then we may be able to let you know whether Prolific will agree that the participants should not be paid, because Prolific tends, in my humble opinion, towards payment more than many researchers might expect. I say this because I have, as participant, been seeing quite a few checks that are I think quite clearly in breach of the Prolific interpretation of “fair checks” such as the type mentioned at the end of this my posts.


Thanks, I’ll do that. I should clarify that (a) a couple of my requests were from months prior and (b) I totally hear you on the attention checks - this is a more straightforward case where we’re doing interviews and I need to reject no-shows.

I submitted a support request as a participant and never heard a peep either. I guess they are inundated.

No shows should be clear cut, but I am not entirely sure e.g. how Prolific treats partial shows (was there are first part of the study for instance), or those that claim “I tried to show up but the Zoom link was wrong”, or “I showed up but the interviewer was not there,” and there may be other grey area no-shows, resulting in what should be a simple support request getting put in a problematic pile.

Have you tried asking the no shows to return their submissions, in the meantime? That is the preferred method of rejection though time consuming.


I do offer them the option of doing so, they have not taken that up.

I see.

I expect Josh will be with us first thing on Monday, but here is the fullest list of Prolific employees that is publicly viewable.