Getting a sample email sent to participants from Prolific


Is there an easy way to get a sample email that will be sent from Prolific to potential participants from the user dashboard? I need to get ethics approval from my institution and the marketing email sent to participants is one piece of material I need to include. I’ve sent a request to Prolific but haven’t heard back.

Thanks in advance!


The content of any communication is up to you, no? I would just send the “preview” pane of your prolific project: That’s all the participant’s will see too.

Hi Kimberley

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Another option would be to sign up for a participant account.
There is human vetting and from time to time new account
applications are frozen but it does not say that they are frozen
now . All you need is another email address. I have a participant
account. I use another browser to open it so that I don’t log myself
out of this researcher account.


Thanks Tim, that’s really helpful! Prolific sent through a template email that they send to participants so hopefully it’ll be sufficient. If not, I’ll do as you suggested!

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