Get error whenever prescreening with "Exclude participants from previous studies"

For a few hours now, I have been systematically getting an error message for surveys in which I prescreen with the option “Exclude participants from previous studies”.
Whenever I explicitly select a previous study whose participants are to be excluded from my current one, I get an error message when I finally want to “publish” the study. The message reads: “Sorry, we’re experiencing some issues. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact support.”
This error does not appear when I do not use this prescreening option.
I get the error no matter what previous study I chose for exclusion. As far as at least one previous study is specified, I get the above error.
Unfortunately, I really need to use the above prescreening option for my upcoming surveys.
Can anyone tell me whom I can contact to get help?

Thank you very much.

(Just to clarify: I have been running many similar surveys of this type on prolific over the last years. So, in principle I know how to configure my surveys.)

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Hi @Michael_Wiegand,

Just an idea, are all of your previous studies completed or still running? Do the studies show up in the COMPLETED section of your dashboard? This blocking function only works when the studies you use to prescreen are completed. So this might be the case.

In case it isn’t :sweat_smile:, you can always try to use Custom Blocklist in the Custom Screener section. Enter the participants’ IDs from previous studies that you want to block and they will not be invited to your current study. One downside is that this method takes time.

In the worst case the problem still persists, you can always reach out to the Support team here Submit a request – Prolific

Hope it helps!

Dear Cloe,

Thank you very much for your comment.
Currently, there is no other active study.

I also thought about the option via “Custom Blocklist” which I have also occasionally used.
Unfortunately, I have a really high number of previous studies whose participants I have to exclude, so this is not really an option for me at this moment.

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It seems not to be an isolated case:

Let’s wait for updates from the Prolific team. Unfortunately, the Custom Blocklist too seems affected (but you can still give it a try in the meantime…).

Fingers crossed

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