Game Builder and Multiplayer are coming to Gorilla!

This Thursday 25th November there will be a Gorilla Presents webinar about our brand new tools - Gorilla Game Builder and Gorilla Multiplayer.

Game Builder allows you to create gamified versions of classic studies, thereby increasing participant engagement and attention and ultimately data quality.

Multiplayer allows you to create interactive tasks for multiple participants to complete at the same time - perfect for social and economic research.

We’ve been showing the new tools to a few research groups over the last few weeks and people have said lovely things like “This is going to be a game-changer for my research!” I really hope the pun was intended!

Join us on Thursday the 25th of November, 4-5pm GMT.

Go here to register and for a sneak peek at the tools! We’ll also be streaming the event in the thread below!

Will we see you there?
Let us know in the comments which you’re more excited about: gamifying your research or multiplayer experiments?

Webinar Stream - Join Gorilla’s New Tool Early Access Scheme


Can this be rescheduled? It falls on Thanksgiving in the US, when most people in the US won’t be working.


Hi Adam!
Unfortunately we are unable to reschedule, however we’d hate to see our US friends miss out and so we’re thinking about running the webinar again at a later date so everyone has the opportunity to get involved. Keep an eye out for more details :blush:


@Gorilla_Users We’ll be livestreaming this webinar into the forum. If you’re interested, RSVP here and you’ll get a notification when it starts :slight_smile: