FYI: splitting the AMA thread into new topics

The AMA thread is starting to get very long–1900 posts long, in fact. While it’s a great place to start in the forum, it’s less good if you’re looking to see if an answer has already been asked.

To help people better find what they’re looking for, we’re going to try out splitting some of the posts (and their replies) within the thread into their own topics, each with their own titles and tags to help make them more discoverable to people who may have the same questions (if that’s you - feel free to jump in the new thread!)

In each post that’s been split out, you’ll see a link back to where it originally appeared below the text of each post, as well as a link in the AMA thread to where the question originally appeared. The URLs of each post also do not change during the move, so no need to update any bookmarks or links you may have in play.

If you’d like to see this in action, check out the post on running qualitative interviews on Prolific. This is actually the very first post from the AMA thread back in February 2021.

NB this won’t be overnight (again, 1900 posts!), so bear with us! If you see any orphaned replies in the AMA thread that belong to a topic that’s been moved, feel free to tag me and I’ll get them joined up again.

The AMA thread isn’t going anywhere, so keep the questions coming! Don’t forget you can also start a new thread yourself by clicking / tapping + New Topic on the home page as well.