FYI : slower participant recruitment in studies

Just so you’re aware, recruiting participants for your studies may be a bit slower this afternoon following the fix/reactivation of the custom participant blocklist feature from this morning.

The reason behind this is basically system load: as the fix takes effect a large number of studies are being recalculated, thus causing a queue and delay for these to get out to participants. They are going out, but not as quickly as normal.

Our engineers are (still) on the case and assessing for how long to expect the delays. Hopefully soon, but as always will keep you posted best I can!

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Further to the earlier update, our incredible engineering team has confirmed we’re up and running as normal again. You should now be able to use the custom blocklist feature to exclude previous participants, and should also see participant recruitment speeds as you’d normally expect.

If there’s anything amiss, please raise a support request, with the ID of your study, and our Support team should be able to investigate what’s specifically going on.

Thanks everyone for your patience on this one!