From your experience, how long does it take Prolific to add funds to your account?

I sent a transfer last week, followed immediately by an email to Prolific with the confirmation from our bank and the reference number.
“Victoria” replied requesting the information I had already sent. I resent everything she requested.
Still, funds have not been added to my account and I have not heard from Prolific since. How long does it take from your experience for the payments to be processed? I want to plan my study and I’ve already had to cancel one set of planned focus groups.


Hi Agnieszka,

I have the same problem with Prolifics, and this for a month. I made a new request this week, but same thing, I was asked again for information that I had already given in my first email and since then no news.


I hope it was sorted for you. My invoice was finally located after several reminders.

Yeah, they did it after a few weeks!