Follow-up checks

Hi. I conducted a study few weeks ago and I would need to contact my participants back (anonymously) for fome follow-up questions that would last less than one minute.
Do you know if it is possible?
Thanks for your help!

Hello @Oxana_Lahbib and welcome to the Forum! :boom:

If you need to contact participants for clarifications about their responses (e.g., strange replies to open questions) or behavior (e.g., why did it take so much time to complete the survey) you can always message them by clicking on the small post icon available on the right when you are on the main screen of the (I guess for you ‘Completed’) study:


If you need to send the same message for all participants, then on the same screen you shall see the Message all button which serves this purpose.

Of course participants’ anonymity will be still preserved since they are identified by the Prolific IDs.

If you need to ask follow-up questions not related to their responses in this study, but because you need them to reply to further questions, you can set-up a second new study. You can either start from scratches and create a New study with the usual button, or from the top-right Action menu select “Duplicate” and create a new study on copy of the first one:

If you go this way, remember to cancel the prescreener ‘Exclude participants from previous studies’. In both cases, to invite the participants who took part in study 1, you have the 2 options described here (i.e., either the prescreener ‘Custom allowlist’; or the ‘Include approved participants from previous studies’ one):

Hope it helps!