Finding a Specific Subgroup of Participants

Hello Community,

I’m new to Prolific and I am running a questionnaire study looking at parents of 5-12 year old children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. How would I create a study that would reach this population of people?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Dr Paige E Davis


Hey @Paige_Davis, welcome to the community! :tada:

Unfortunately, we only support studies for those aged 18+.

@Joe_Bathelt is another developmental researcher. Is there different online service that you’ve been able to use?

Hi @Josh I’m not trying to find children, but rather parents of children diagnosed with ASD to report on their children’s behaviors. They would be 18+ as they would be parents.

Does that make sense? I’m having trouble with how to set it to parents with these specific criteria.


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Hi Paige,
Some of my colleagues did something similar. They recruited participants separately via a mailing list and then sent them the link for the online study. If you’re in the UK, you could try Autistica for recruitment questions.




Sorry, I misread your question! I’m not sure that we can provide that sample unfortunately. We only have a screener targeted that people who have been diagnosed, rather than the parents of children who have been diagnosed.

It might be best to use @Joe_Bathelt’s suggestion :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Josh and @Joe_Bathelt. I’ll try this way forward. It is quite a specific group, so it makes sense that it may need to be a different recruitment method.

Have a good night,

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Hi @Josh and @Joe_Bathelt

Just wanted to let you know I figured out how to get participants. I set a first study to find parents of children born after 2015 (I think) and then polled 500 people who met those criteria asking if their child had been diagnosed with ASD. I found 100 participants that fit those criteria in 3 hours! It was amazing. I then used the custom allow function and invited them to the second study which was my questionnaire. So far in the last 2 days I am at 77 of the 80 participant goal.

Thanks so much!


I’m so happy to hear this! :tada: So glad you’ve been successful

Since developmental research is so niche, would you both mind if I added you to a ‘Developmental Researcher’ group, so I can easily tag you to advise others who might have questions on how to conduct this type of research on Prolific? @Joe_Bathelt @Paige_Davis

And you can also use it as private space to network/help each other etc :grin:


I’m happy to help

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Yes, definitely

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Brilliant, that’s a very neat approach

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Brilliant! Thank you both. We’re going to be creating sub-groups of researchers to enable greater collaboration and networking, and your group will be one of those. I should be creating those by the end of next week :slight_smile: