Extremely Slow/No Recruitment

Posted 3 studies today, none had anyone even attempt the study. These are copies of a previous study, which had no problem filling them. Batches are of 20-50. 28,000 subjects eligible.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

I had the same issue – I emailed prolific to see if they can help. Have you heard anything?

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Hey @Scott_Schanke and @Cognitive_Variation_Lab,

There’s currently an issue on Prolific’s back end with the eligibility queue, so studies will be slower to become visible to participants while the queue is being cleared out. Our engineers are already on the case, so hopefully things should clear out and speed up soon.

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Awesome. Thanks so much Jon.

Updating on this - it’s looking like the issue has been fixed and the eligibility queue is now emptied (meaning that eligible participants will have received the surveys intended for them). Hopefully you should start to see your numbers increase soon - if not, or if you encounter anything else, feel free to shout here and/or open a new request with support :+1:

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Thanks, yes I do see it!

I’m experience a similar issue again now with extremly slow recruitment.
I’ve run one batch from 9-11 GMT where recruitment went as expected. I then launched a new batch at 11:04 GMT and I have yet to receive a single submission 1.5 hours later, which is the time it usually takes for an entire batch to be completed.

Is it a the same problem?

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I have the same issue.

I have the same issue, study has been up for 1+ hours with zero submissions, out of ~5,000 eligible.

@Daniela_Gresch @Leo_C @madskock