Exporting Participant Status

Is there a way to download total participants (completed, rejected, returned, timed out)? I am not finding a way to do this other than copy and paste from the study which shows date, time, duration, status…

Thank you.


Hi Jason, I might be misinterpreting your question, but I think what you might be after is the “Download demographic data” function in the “More” menu on the submissions page? You will then get a spreadsheet showing all participants who started the study, along with some demographic data and a few variables describing their interaction with the study (e.g., duration). It includes a variable STATUS which shows whether each participant is approved, timed out, returned, or rejected. Does that help?

@Jason_Miller, I think @Matt_Williams has the answer but please post again if not!

Hello! I had this same question, but it appears now when “Download demographic data” is selected, only the participants who have submitted the studies for approval now appear. Is this a recent update? Is there another method for getting the entire list of participants and their statuses? Thanks!