Exclusion criteria

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know if it is possible to exclude participants that previously contacted with a given language? I know it is possible to add (screen) those who actually speak language X or Y, but I want to make sure that my participants do not know language Z.
Any help will be much appreciated!

Dear Susana

As far as I know it is not possible to exclude participants based upon the languages in which they have been contacted, even if it were you that had contacted them. With regard to participation on Prolific you can only exclude based upon the studies of your own (and other participation exclusion criteria that are not relevant).

With regard to language there is only

  • First Language
  • Fluent languages
  • Primary Language
  • Earliest Language in Life
    Where you could select all the other languages to exclude the target language but
  1. there appears to be no way to exclude based upon languages that the participants understand
  2. Adding all the above language requirements (sans the language you want to exclude) will result in a considerable decrease in the number of available participants since some will not have replied to the questions. There is only an AND logic. There is no NOT (exclude) logic afaik.

You could try asking support to add an extra “Understood languages” screener, but it would not be quick even if approved.

I guess that participants have a tendency to over-claim, but for example, I have not claimed I am fluent in French though I can understand it, after a fashion.

I hope I have got this right.


Got it.
I’ll try to exclude participants with previous contact with a given language in Gorilla. That’s fine.
Thank you!

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