Example Proposal & Co-Design Amendment

Make sure your proposal includes [700 words max]:

  • Description of the problems you see with the wider way that grants are currently allocated

  • Summary of how your process would work, answering these questions:

    1. How do researchers submit a research proposal?
    2. How is funding allocated to the best proposals?
  • Description of how your process:

    1. Promotes fairness and awards funds according to merit
    2. Uses our existing community platform features like voting, liking, replying etc
    3. Minimizes online manipulation/gaming
    4. Is not overly burdensome on those seeking funding
    5. Adheres to the principles of open science
    6. Filters for high-quality submissions

Happy proposing!

If you have questions, ask them here

Example Amendment

I think your proposal could be improved in the following ways…

For the following reasons…