Evaluate Our Idea: Community Consultants

Evaluate Our Idea: Community Consultants

We know that sometimes you need help with tasks associated with your research, because time and resources are limited. Perhaps you need help reviewing your study design, or help cleaning the data you’ve collected on Prolific.

So, we’d like to gauge whether you’d be interested in the services of ‘Community Consultants’. These would be fellow researchers, hand-picked by us, who would be available to help you with your tasks, in return for a fee.

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I’d love to know your thoughts @Community_Leaders if you haven’t already filled it in.

And as some of our most active users, I’d also love to hear from @paul @Xenia and @Chloe_Nguyen (ignore this if you’ve already filled it out :slight_smile: )


Done! Thank you for reminding me of this!

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Thanks Josh
I responded. Sounds great!

Thanks for the reminder!
I also replied! :boom:


We’ve just launched this! :slight_smile:

I wonder if rebadging to “Study assistant” or “Research assistance” might not be better?

“Community consultant” may sound to some like either Boston Consulting and others like community activism?

Someone skilled in hacking together qualtrics, prolific, advertising, balancing n, embedded links, randomisers in qualtrics etc would be snapped up by researchers getting started “Let me help you run your first study”, by people without Q accounts, or just busy people wanting to drop 5 questionnaires to an assistant and have the whole thing entered, pre-registered, loop over that until ok, pilot, check the data cleaning script is ok, run, handle subject acceptance and Questions. If that’s the goal call it “Prolific RA” :slight_smile:


Thanks for this really helpful feedback Tim! In fact, this idea is so good that we’re going to rebrand the whole section. I’ll send you a link to the redo, and maybe get your thoughts? :slight_smile: