Ethics application UK - any script already written?

Hi, I am writing an ethics application to use prolific (and then ideally Qualtrics!) , and I wondered whether anyone ( or even the company) had any script written which had already been iterated ( and approved!) comprising recruitment, payment, data stroage etc.associated with prolific a(+/- Qualtrics) that they might be willing to share?
Thank you!

Hi Zoe

I have only just realised, thanks to your question, that there is a Prolific template for creating prolific informed consent forms available for download at the bottom of the page here



I am in the UK and use Qualtrics a lot. In my experience, institutions tend to have templates for their students and staffs, and these can vary a little from one institution to the other. I also believe that ethics committees requirement vary widely within the UK (i.e., the level of their risk aversion), so it might be worth asking some colleagues.
But if you want, I have a recent example of one detailed* ethics application that was approved and for which the study ended on Prolific (that wasn’t planned originally, and we had to apply for an amendment for this, which I can also share).
I also have a data impact assessment application example, for a non-research project, but where Qualtrics was involved and where we had to be extra-thorough regarding data storage and working with Qualtrics. It might be useful if your institution is “robust” (the euphemism a colleague uses to talk about conservative ethics committee); my ethics committee is certainly robust, but the data impact assessment, which was evaluated by the data protection team, was even on a notch higher.

You can send me a DM if you want me to share these.

  • In my institution, we have different levels of ethics application, and very often my Prolific studies are minimal risks, for which applications are much less detailed.