Estimated Experiment Time

Hello all, I see that Prolific requires that the researcher make additional payments to participants if many of them exceed the estimated completion time. In my experiment, participants are allowed to take breaks as the tasks can be cognitively demanding. I wonder whether the breaks will be counted towards ‘completion time’? If not, how could Prolific tell when the participants are taking a break? Thank you very much!

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Hey @Xinyan_Kou, welcome to the community! :tada:

If you were to run this as one study, you would have to pay participants for the whole time they are on your study, which would include the break.

So, I’d suggest creating two studies on Prolific for each part of your survey. The way this would work is you would launch the first study, and make a note of when participants finish that first part, then create a second study and use a custom allowlist to invite the participants from study 1 to study 2 after a certain amount of time has passed. You may find these help centre articles helpful in setting up your study:

How do I set up a longitudinal / multi-part study?
How can I invite specific participants to my study?

Thank you very much for the advice Josh! Very helpful information! I will check out the links! :grinning:

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