Error when trying to publish my survey

I am a researcher trying to publish my survey and I am getting the following error:
“Sorry, we’re experiencing some issues. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact support”.

I don’t know how to contact support. I have been publishing other surveys over the last few days with no problems.

I can’t save it as draft either

Dear Reba

I am very sorry to hear that.

I know from carrying out tests in online education that computer
databases are not as logical / clear cut as one might expect. They
develop issues resulting in data not being stored, or stored incorrectly.
Prolific will have allsorts of back ups in place but while they are fixing
the issue, it may not be possible to use a database. It seems that is the
case now.

To contact support Click on “Help Centre” top right and then “Submit
a report” again top right which takes you to

However, they tend to , or sometimes, take a day or two to respond.

In the meantime I am not sure what to do about your draft that
won’t save. I can only suggested keeping the window open.
I guess you may be logged out eventually automatically so
you might use a automatic tab reloaded to keep reloading
another page (not the one with your would be draft) to keep
yourself logged in for however long it takes for Prolific to cure
the issue. There is an auto tab re-loader for firefox here.

I am sorry I can’t help more.