Error Please select your country of residence before publishing a study

Hello. We are trying to publish our study but we keep receiving the following error:

‘Error Please select your country of residence before publishing a study’

We have selected our country of residence when we created our researcher accounts and for being able to post in this blog and there is no clear section where we can edit our country of residence. We have also registered a new account with a different email and selected our country of re4sidence when we signed up but the problem remains. We would appreciate any help on this.

Dear Dimitris

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I had a look at my account and found the place where my country of residence is specified.

Confusingly, it is under “Workspace” > Finance > Legal Entity > Edit > Update address (last field at the bottom)

If that is already set then I can only suggest support.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University

Thank you Timothy, we have completed this field when we added funds in our account but unfortunately it does not resolve the problem!

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I have the same issue. I’d be very grateful if anyone knows how to resolve this

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Dear Maarten

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I am sorry I don’t know how Dimitris solved his issue but, clutching at straws, I see that about each workspace (of which I only have one), the below from the GUI in the “create Workspace dialogue”

Workspaces have their own:

  • finances
  • team members
  • projects and studies

so could it be that you have not defined the country of residence in the Workspace which you are attempting to use?

Other than that, I can only suggest Support which is likely to be slower at this time of year, imho.


The issue remains unsolved and we keep waiting for the Support team to support their platform for technical issues.