Error PEC-SUB-0002

Hello , I am a participant and have participated in almost 145 studies up to now successfully without having any serious problems. Suddenly today I got an error PEC-SUB-0002 for my account and I cannot participate in any more studdies. Could you please explain why this happened and rectify this issue for me?

Hello Maria! Welcome to the Community! :boom:

This forum is thought to share doubts and opinions among the “researchers’ side”. Do you also conduct reserach or do you use Prolific as a participant only? In this case, I suggest you to refer to the Prolific Help Centre: it usually contains all the answers (and, by the way, I just found that the PEC-SUB-0002 error message is mentioned here, you may want to have a look)!


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Hey Veronica

I just participate in various projects that prolific presents to me from time to time, but with this error it seems that my IP has been flagged for some unknown reason to me and I cannot participate to any research :frowning:
I just cannot understand why this has happened and I do not know how to fix this since I am not super tech savvy.

By the way, there is a helpful subreddit full of participants and I think a Prolific employee or two (though I am not sure) at the link below

Perhaps a participant forum here might be a good idea :thinking:

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