Error PEC-AS-0005 when logging in

Some of you may have experienced an error when you tried to log in today.

We’re very sorry for any issues this caused you. The error has been resolved now. Let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh
Elizabeth Wilson and I had this issue again recently (last Friday for me) but it has been resolved again. Paul recommended that I post here in case there are others with the same issue.


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PEC-AS-0005 error

Login verification failed due to high risk of non-human activity on this network.

is back. I can’t log into my account again this morning (Tokyo Time). Fortunately I am logged into the forums.



The error PEC-AS-0005 error has spread to two of my computers (my one at home and the one where I usually work).

This means that I will not be able to do some research, and it limits my ability to help people out, because I have to do so from memory of the GUI (and by accessing the FAQs – which are pretty complete. But all the same…

I hope you are okay Josh.



I can log in today. The error is intermittent. I bet it is Google’s fault.