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Today I’ve been getting continual error messages popping up and can’t add money to my account to recruit new participants. Can someone fix this please?

I am having the same issue since Wednesday of this week. I think the reason is because of the problem participants faced with their submission on Tuesday (as can be seen by the tweets of the Prolific account). Apart from not being able to access the finance section, Prolific is also not reflecting when I approve a submission from participants (especially those that show as returned or timed out when on my end their responses are 100% complete). I am super new to Prolific and don’t know what to do about this. For now, I submitted a request. I really hope they can fix this soon.

Thanks thats really helpful to know - I still have no access and cant add finance - I hope someone can resolve this soon

Of course! I have reached out to other people about this and as soon as I know something new I will share it with you. But now I am very sure all of this is because of what happened on Tuesday (if you want to know more I think someone described the problem in the forum and there are also some some reddit threads about it).

Dear Nicole

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I can access my Finances section and can click on add money by credit card. I have quite a lot of money in my account so I have not tried to add some more but it seems to be possible for me. I am sorry I don’t know what can be wrong with your account.

There have been quite a lot of study invites to my participant account recently so I guess that some are able to pay money to their accounts.

I am afraid that the place to ask for fixes is Support since this is a user forum and we can’t get into Prolific to fix it.

I am sorry I can’t help more,


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University

Dear Sol

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I am sorry you are unable to access your finances section. As I just mentioned to Nicola I can access my finances section.

I am sorry I am unable to help.


Dear Tim,

Thanks for answering us. I understand that this issue may not be happening to everyone, but I doubt me and Nicole are the only ones having it. I have already send a request to support. Hopefully they will answer soon (although so far they haven’t). I am interested to see if anyone else is having similar problems. I think it would be important to have it in this thread as evidence. That’s why I am attaching a screenshot where you can see the error message and how the finance section is shadowed (if I put my cursor there or try to click nothing happened showing the option is blocked). The screenshot is from my phone but the same thing happens regardless of the device I use.

Dear Sol

I am sorry to hear that. My Finance is not greyed out, it shows the amount, unpacks to show “Add Money” and “Invoices” as in the screenshot attach which is what it should look like, I hope that it is fixed for you and those for whom it is not working soon.


I still can’t add money to my account. I keep getting error message and can’t review or approve participants. This is causing severe disruption to our project. I’ve contacted support 3 times and still no response. This is not a good service. This is 4 days I have had the same problem. When will this be resolved?

Hello Nicola,

In the end I was forced to reject one participant that was pending review (I had tried accepting his submission multiple times but Prolific never reflected that change). For the reason of rejection I sected other and explained in detail the situation to the participant. I was also not able to approve other 5 participants but because Prolific had already categorize them as “returned” and “timed-out” I did not have to reject them. Then I stop the study so now it shows as complete. Afterthat, I was finally able to access my finance again and did not have any more error messages (as you can see in the screenshot attached). I suggest you also try and do the same. I do not know the details of your study nor how many participants you may have to reject, but hopefully by doing so the problem will also be fixed. I also never received any response from Prolific support. I am so sorry this happened to us.


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