Error in issuing bonus payments

I am having issues with bonus payments the past two days. First, when I clicked the “Reviewing Bonuses” button it was cycling for minutes before stating an error had occurred and that I should try again later. Now, it is occasionally allowing me to submit the bonus, but after 3-5 minutes of “Reviewing”. Previously, this took a matter of seconds. And mostly, I am getting the error message. I currently have about 2 dozen participants I owe bonuses to and the study is longitudinal so I am worried they might drop out if this is not corrected fast. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried logging out and back in and I have tried different browsers and different internet providers. Makes no difference.

Dear cmd

I am sorry to hear that there appears to be a bug.

This is urgent.

Please would you be so kind as to contact support and I am flagging @Jon so that he can have your support ticket prioritise. Please message @Jon (click and click “Message”) with the support ticket number.

Again I am sorry to hear about this.


I contacted support yesterday and again this morning but have not yet heard back. I can try again flagging Jon. How would I do that? Just here in the Community?

Dear Cmd

Yes, I only know how to contact Jon via the community’s features.

If you click on this @Jon (which flags him) a pop up will appear with the word “Message” in the top right corner to send a message, which if he has notifications on will send him an email, I think.


Thanks. Much appreciated!

Thanks @timtak and @cmd! I’m on the case.

Best way to reach me is always through the community - I tend to check the site first before getting to email and other notifications, so odds are I’ll see it here first.

Speaking very broadly, the site’s performing more sluggishly than usual, and it could be that the underlying issue/issues are causing payments to time out and occasionally fail. Our team’s working to get to the bottom of it now, so hopefully with a bit of coffee and some percussive maintenance we should have everything back up and running normally.

Thank you for your reply. I hope this will be resolved soon. Take care.

Hello @Jon, I am still unable to pay my participants the bonuses they have earned. I have about 52 people who I owe multiple bonuses to. Can you please see if someone can provide me with an update on progress made toward resolving this bug or some possible solutions for me to pay these people asap. Thank you for your time.


Hey @cmd - I’ve chased this up for you just now. It looks like our Support team is working with our engineers on this one now, so you should have a subsequent update coming from them soon.

I can appreciate it’s not an ideal situation for the participants - might it be worth sending them a message to explain the situation and that the bonus is forthcoming as soon as possible?

Hello Jon, Thank you for the update. I do appreciate it. And yes, I have been sending participants daily updates so they know I am aware of the problem and that I have asked you to look into the issue. But with each passing day I am concerned participants might start to feel frustrated and abandon the project. Thank you again for your time.

Hello @Jon . Do you have any updates for me? I am still unable to provide my participants bonuses and I am starting to experience attrition despite messaging people to inform them of the situation. I cannot say for sure whether the attrition is related, but I did not experience much attrition until this problem arose. Thank you for your time.

Hey @cmd, apologies for the delay in getting this sorted. I’ll send you a PM with where we are on this one.