E-mail notifications of Prolific Messages broken?


I no longer seem to receive e-mail notifications when a Prolific user sends me a message. They’re not going to spam – they just aren’t being e-mailed to me. Participants seem to be having similar issues (one recently said something to me to the effect of “sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, I didn’t realise you’d replied for ages (Prolific are supposed to email if I receive messages according to my settings, but that didn’t happen for some reason)”.

I also no longer see anywhere in the settings where I can control whether I receive e-mails for Prolific messages: just “Bonus payments”, “Just published”, “Referrals”, “Marketing”, and “Pre publish”. I have all “ON” except for Marketing.

Did Prolific decide to no longer support this feature, or is this a bug? If others have experienced this, how long has it been going on for? (I recently returned to Prolific after awhile away.)

Para recibir notificaciones en la aplicación de Prolific, sigue los siguientes pasos:

  1. Abre la aplicación de Prolific en tu dispositivo.
  2. Haz clic en el icono de perfil en la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla.
  3. Selecciona “Ajustes” en el menú que se muestra.
  4. Haz clic en “Notificaciones”.
  5. Activa las notificaciones que deseas recibir, como “Notificaciones de nuevas oportunidades de estudio” o “Notificaciones de pago”.
  6. Ajusta la frecuencia de las notificaciones según tus preferencias.
  7. Asegúrate de que las notificaciones de la aplicación estén activadas en la configuración de tu dispositivo.

Una vez que hayas completado estos pasos, recibirás notificaciones de la aplicación de Prolific según tus preferencias. Ten en cuenta que también puedes desactivar las notificaciones en cualquier momento siguiendo los mismos pasos y desactivando las opciones que ya has seleccionado.

Thanks. So does Prolific no longer send e-mails? I don’t want to install an app or receive notifications on my phone.

Gracias. Entonces, ¿Prolific ya no envía correos electrónicos? No quiero instalar una aplicación ni recibir notificaciones en mi teléfono.

Dear Gabriel

I just sent my researcher account a message and it seems that I am not getting an email, even 40 minutes later, whereas I did receive emails in the past.


Same with me, and seemingly with the participants in my studies. It’s a pity because it means that sending participants messages with reminders about longitudinal study waves is no longer an effective tactic for reducing attrition.

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You can still use their Prolific email address tough, I think.


No, sorry, use of the participant (and researcher) email address


does not result in an email being sent out either. Or, I have been waiting 30 minutes and no email has arrived. A message arrived to my prolific inbox immediately.

This seems to be non-optimal, to say the least.


Thanks for checking that, Tim! I agree re. this being non-optimal. It’d be nice if someone from Prolific could chip in with an update on this.

I wasn’t receiving any email notifications for a while but started to in the last week or two. Not sure why it would work for some people and not others…