Do Returned, Timed-Out or Rejected submissions auto-approve?


Conducting a study, I have had several Timed-out, Retruned, and Rejected submissions. Now, Prolific tells me that after 21 days, submissions will be “auto-approved”.

Will these submissions be auto-approved? If so, why? My data tells me these submissions either did not exist in first place, or did not pass the attention checkers.

Any help/clarification would be welcome!

Dear @Gonzalo_Quintana_Zunino

Only awaiting review submissions will be auto-approved after 21 days. So, timed-out / returned / rejected submissions will not be automatically approved!:slight_smile: Also, already approved submissions will need not to be auto-approved. You can approve submissions either individually (the ‘green tick’ that should appear at each row/submission) or by using the ‘Approve all’ button, which again does not apply to timed-out / returned/rejected submissions.

Thank you for your promt reply and information, Veronica.

Have a lovely day :slightly_smiling_face: