Display participants' latest study in message inbox

Displaying a participant’s study activities inside the message history is brilliant. It tells us what study a participant is messaging about and gives a lot needed context. It would be really helpful if we could also see what the study the participant’s messaging about right in the Inbox, without clicking into the thread.

Background: I’m a part of a research team who manages a single prolific account for our lab, so we have different people are managing different studies. Sometimes I would click on a new message and realize that it’s for a study that someone else is running. Then, I would click “mark as unread” to make sure the other researcher doesn’t miss their messages. This procedure works well for participants who never sent messages before. But, for people who are already in a conversation with us, the entire message history is marked as unread, and there could be quite a number of messages. When the other researcher logs in, they may think there is something really wrong with their study because there are a lot of new messages. Cue panic. (Of course it would be resolved when we actually look at the messages.)

If we can see the latest study that the participant has participated in without going into the thread, even just the internal study name, it would save a lot of clicking and researcher anxiety. It’ll be a convenience for people who run multiple studies simultaneously as well. I think it’s a worthwhile quality of life improvement.