Different Favicon for app GUI vs Research Help Centre FAQs & Community

Dear Prolific
A minor idea…

It would be nice for me if the app(Workspaces/study creation/progress) business end part of the site at app.prolific.co have a slightly different favicon (? is that the term, as shown on browser tabs) to the information end part of the site i.e. Researcher Help Centre researcher-help.prolific.co and community.prolific.co since I often have a lot of help stuff and community pages open but want to get back to the app.

A little yellow dot on the information pages would do it, like the tabs on the right of the screenshot below.

But perhaps this a feature that would only be useful to me since I often have a lot of community pages and faq pages open.


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You are right Tim, it is hard to separate help center pages from the actual app.

I will ask my colleagues to see who can make a new favicon or if it is on purpose done this way.