Demographic data and prescreeners


I would like to run a survey with a balanced US sample. This is probably my ignorance but on the ‘Exporting Prolific demographic data’ it states 'In addition to the responses to all prescreeners applied to the study, you’ll also have access to the following data’ and lists a number of demographic data I would like to have. However, it also states ‘For prescreening filters that you don’t apply to your study but are included in our default list below, there might be gaps in the prescreening data’. Can you give me some guidance on how big these gaps are likely to be?

As far as I can tell, I cannot add prescreening questions for a balanced sample so I cannot ensure this information is collected. If the gaps were small (i.e., <5%) that probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Any guidance on the completion of default demographic data for balanced samples would be great.



I am sorry I don’t know what percentage of participants have not completed their “About You” questions recently enough for it to be contained in the demographic data but I always ask participants for this data in my survey.

While you can’t add prescreeners to a balanced study, you are allowed to add whatever questions you like to the survey.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University