Dealing with participant complaints

Hi there! I’m researching from Australia but recruiting in the UK and US (looking for people who have recovered from COVID) for an online study. I’m trying to deal with my institution’s Ethics process, and they are asking for a local contact for complaints (who cannot be one of the researchers). We do have collaborators in the UK but of course they are researchers on the study. Does Prolific have a local contact for complaints that we can provide to the Ethics Committee?

Thank you


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Hey @Deborah_Apthorp, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a local contact in Australia. But we have support representatives, based in the UK, who mediate between researchers and participants when there’s an issue.

Will this suffice? :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Do you have anyone in the US, or only in the UK? (We don’t actually need anyone in Australia as we’re only recruiting in the UK and US.) Also, is there a contact number or email that I can provide to my Ethics Committee for this service?



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We don’t have an email or phone number, so if they want to get in contact, they can use this form.

Lmk if you have any other questions!