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This morning I starting a pre-test for my final project on Prolific. I redirect participants to Qualtrics, where they have to complete several questionnaires. I collected all the 20 participants that I wanted but I do not see any result on Qualtrics. Do I have to do something to see them?

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i think that this is a Qualtrics problem. But…First of all, what are the times displayed on the Prolific study results page? Are they consistent with the subjects having completed the questionnaires? If so then I am sure you find the data somewhere in Qualtrics. But if you sent them to a place where they could not see the surveys, or could not enter their responses, then their times are likely to have been short.

I am afraid I don’t use Qualtrics myself but here is the result of a Google for how to see your results there

And here are Qualtric’s discussions

An Qualtrics forums “results” search
Which tells me that some folks are not happy with the “new” (since January) Qualtrics results reporting GUI

I am sorry I can’t be of more help.


Thank you a lot for your help, Tim.

I was able to find the data on my own. As you said, it was a Qualtrics’ issue.
After I downloaded the Excel file to check the data (which were inside it), they also appeared on the “Results” part of Qualtrics.

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