Custom prescreening and payments

I am new to prolific. My study involves a very niche category of participants. I want to study the drivers of ride-sharing platforms. Prolific has a screener to identify ride-sharing users. But the users could be drivers, riders, or both. I recently ran a trial survey and found that in a sample of 100 ride-sharing users, only 1 of them is a driver, and the rest are all riders. I have two queries about recruiting these participants, which I have detailed below.

  1. The existing prescreening filters are not sufficient for me to recruit my survey participants. Can prolific help me with adding new pre-screeners as per my requirements? In this case, can prolific ask a question to the ride-sharing users if they are drivers, riders, or both?
  2. If Prolific cannot add new filters and if I have to conduct 2 separate surveys (1 prescreening survey to identify the drivers and 1 actual survey addressed to drivers) to recruit a custom sample, what should be the minimum wage given to each participant? Currently, prolific asks researchers to allot a minimum wage of £6 for 1 hour, which equals £0.10 per minute. But most prescreening surveys are made of 2 or 3 screening questions, and I assume it may not take more than 10-20 seconds to complete. For my study, I need valid responses from at least 1000 drivers. Considering a response rate of 50%, I need to reach out to at least 2000 drivers. To reach out to 2000 drivers, I must run my screening survey to approximately 200,000 ride-sharing users since the driver: user ratio is 1:100 for my study based on the trial survey I conducted. Assigning a minimum wage of £0.10/min per participant for 200,000 participants would become very costly for me at the screening stage.
    Please let me know if there is any solution or alternate way to tackle this problem.
    Thanks in Advance.