Custom blocklist not working on nationally representative sample

Hi there!

I’m trying to run a study that has a UK nationally representative sample as well as filtering out all people that have taken other surveys we’ve run (around 19,000 people).

When I put all their Prolific IDs into the custom blocklist, it says I have around 27,000 eligible participants left. But then when I go to run the survey, it says there are 37,000. Then when I actually ran the survey, it seemed like the custom blocklist disappeared and 43,000 people could see it! I’ve attached images of this all below. So I stopped the survey but could someone advise on if this custom blocklist is actually working or it stops for some reason?

I’m putting the other images here as I can only embed one media post in the first one

Final image after I paused the survey as it looked like the custom blocklist disappeared

Not directly related to your issue, but I can’t even launch a new study or add participants to the allowlist of an ongoing study. Seems prolific is having some system wide issues and, I’m guessing they won’t be fixing them tonight (currently past 5pm over there, right?).