Custom Allowlist not loading

Hi folks, How long should it take to load a custom allowlist of ~500 ids? My app seems to be cycling without processing (>20mins now)? regards, Winnifred

Hello Winnifred!

I just made a trial with 700 IDs and the list was uploaded (i.e., the filter applied) in just one or a couple of seconds. So I’m wondering whether:

  1. You correctly entered the IDs: they must be separated by either a comma or a new line;
  2. There are issues with incorrect IDs: this might be due to the fact that in the meantime a participant has deleted his/her account or that you inserted incorrect IDs. How have you been collecting them? Asking them with a screen (this might be error-prone) or automatically?
  3. It is due to some bug, and in this case I suggest you to report the situation and ask the Prolific Team to take actions with the usual form.

Let me know if you need more info or still have doubts!

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Thanks Veronica! The incorrect entries were easy to spot because they are highlighted, so I had removed them. I eventually worked out that there had also been a duplicate entry in the allowlist, and so the allowlist wouldn’t load until I had deleted it. As a possible new feature that would be appreciated in this circumstance: also highlighting duplicate entries!


Good to know, I’m happy you managed to sort it out!
Would you mind sharing your good idea also in this section? There will be more chances that Prolific Team takes it into account, since all ideas are collected in that part of the Forum. :slight_smile:

Have a good day!