Creating studies from URL no long works?

Hi, we have been creating studies through URLs for a while, before and after the new workspace scheme. However, it has stopped working recently, with the /new-study link redirected to the drafts page.

It seems that the new study page now can only be accessed through the “+ new study” button in the Prolific interface - I couldn’t land it even if I copied the link to the page and tried opening it in another tab, or even just refreshed the page.

Is there a workaround for this now, so that we can keep creating studies using URL? Thanks.

Dear Peiling

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I am sorry I never really understood the API.

My guess is that the way that calls to the API should be
formulated has been changed, but in any event this is
probably something that only Support can help you
with but, perhaps @Jonas_Anso may be so kind as
to chip in.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot! @Jonas_Anso do you happen to have some insights here? Thanks!


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