Creating a study using the API with multiple requirements

I’m creating studies using the API. I need to be able to create rather detailed requirements and am having trouble piecing together the documentation. Basically, I would like to use all of the following: AgeRangeEligibilityRequirement, CustomBlacklistEligibilityRequirement, SelectAnswerEligibilityRequirement, MultiSelectAnswerEligibilityRequirement.

for the SelectAnswerEligibilityRequirement and the MultiSelectAnswerEligibilityRequirement, I need to restrict the country of residence and the fluent language.

Is it possible to get an example of the what the eligibility_requirements list would look like? In the documentation only some of these have examples, and it is unclear how to combine multiple of them. I’m looking through the output of the eligibility requirements get url (, but it’s not totally clear to me how to then turn that into a request.