Create Study via URL

Create Study via URL

Video explaining the concept: Create Study via URL - YouTube

You can help your users easily publish a study on prolific by creating a link that will automatically fill in the complicated aspects of a new study.

Below is an example of this link; please copy this into your browser and see what it does!

As you can see, it auto-fills the following example query parameters (url encoded):

 name=Your study title
 internal_name=Your study internal name

The name parameter is the study title. It can be anything, it could be the same name as your survey.

The internal_name param is your internal_name.

The description param is your study description.

The external_study_url param is your study link.

The prolific_id_option can be either:

  • question Which means the study needs to ask the user to fill in their prolific id.
  • url_parameters Allows you to pass the PROLIFIC_PID (as shown in the example above) back to your survey. More information about this can be found here

You need to create a unique completion_code
for every study, this is what allows users to verify that they have completed your survey.

The completion_option is the way the participant verifies that they have completed the study.
It can be either:

  • code That the user will get from the survey and fill into prolific
  • url The end of the study will then need to be redirected to this link<completion_code>
    to automatically submit a completion for the participant.

A small example of simple UI to build the Create Study via URL - JSFiddle - Code Playground


@Andrew_Arderne , this is neat! Some people like to create lots of studies and this will definitely help reduce potential user error in the dashboard gui