Cool Tools from Gorilla

Cool Tools From Gorilla

Our friends at Gorilla have some brilliant tools to help you with your research:

Shop Builder

The Shop Builder is a new, unique Gorilla tool that allows you to easily create an online shop within minutes and use it as an interactive task where participants can browse through the products and choose which ones they would like to purchase - just like in a real online shop!

To your participants, Gorilla Shop Builder looks like a normal online shop, but behind the scenes you wield a powerful research tool to liberate your lab.

With Gorilla Shop Builder you can:

  • Test a wide range of consumer decision-making hypotheses in a realistic online shop.
  • Create your own powerful and easy-to-use Shop Builder tool designed for behavioural research.
  • Connect your shopping task with an IAT or personality questionnaire, all in the Gorilla Ecosystem.
  • Join a community of researchers engaging in translational studies.

Watch the video below for an overview of the Shop Builder tools!

Game Builder

The Gorilla Game Builder enables you to go beyond traditional lab-based experiments with ease!

  • Create educational games to engage students and improve their learning
  • Turn boring and repetitive psychology tasks into fun and exciting games
  • Test hypotheses that wouldn’t be possible using traditional experimental designs

Watch the video below for a short demo on the Game Builder tools! Here the Treasure Game is presented - the game is used to assess and provided remediating training to children with developmental language disorders.

Let us know what you think of these tools, or if you use any other Gorilla tools that you’ve found particularly useful :slight_smile: